Hourly HR Support – Customized for Your Company

We can make your work life easier for you

Barker HR Consulting provides business owners in the DC Metro area access to expert HR support at affordable hourly rates. We give small business employers the customized big-time support they need, when they need it, and at the level of experience it takes to keep them compliant and on track to meet strategic and day-to-day business objectives.

Start with a free analysis of your company's HR needs

The Barker HR Consulting partnership starts with a free, no obligation, two-hour audit of HR practices and policies.  This audit covers three general categories: compliance, risk, and culture (including benefits, compensation, performance feedback and development).

You take care of your business, we’ll take care of your people

Our experienced HR Consultants can handle every HR issue from compliance, to compensation & benefits, to employee relations but you only pay for what you use.  Our expert support lets you focus on your core business. 

Please take a look at our full Barker HR Consulting website for more information and contact us at help@barkerhr.com if you’d like to hear more about how can help your business. 

See what some of our clients have said about us

“We are a small and a growing business. We knew we needed help professionalizing our HR but did not know where to start. Barker HR understood our business and our HR needs. Barker HR is just what we need, providing help and guidance for our immediate questions and working with us to develop and put processes in place for longer term needs. Barker HR is a great partner for our small business providing us timely and consistently excellent advice and support.”

“Barker HR is a great partner for our small but rapidly growing Government IT Consulting business.  Always there to provide smart solutions that help me promote my business as a great place to work.”

“Barker HR understood our limitations as a small non-profit and worked tirelessly to support us in our niche market. Knowing that Barker HR was equally inspired by our vision created a foundation of trust and success I’ve not found with anyone else.”

“Barker HR is our go-to partner for our most serious employee relations issues.  They consistently provide pragmatic but compassionate advice and support.  We don't know what we would do without them!”