TRAINING workshops

Our popular Training Workshops were developed for delivery to busy teams. Each session is customizable to your needs and costs your organization a low flat fee per session for up to 15 participants. Schedule one a month or pick a few targeted workshops to refresh specific skills. All workshops can be delivered as webinars.

Sexual harassment PREVENTION workshop

Sexual harassment prevention training is needed because of the negative impact that sexual harassment can have on both employer and employee in the workplace. In addition to the time and expense of a potential complaint, discrimination and harassment can impact the workplace in a negative manner by causing lower employee morale, increased absenteeism, lower productivity, decreased commitment to the company, and decreased motivation.  Our goals in this interactive, exercise-filled session are to:

  • Learn to recognize sexual harassment behaviors (sexual jokes, pictures, gestures, touching, comments, put-downs)

  • Learn to recognize the tolerance lines of others

  • How to respond if someone crosses your tolerance line

  • Your responsibility as a supervisor

  • Be able to respond appropriately to common scenarios

Why and How to Coach Employees (and Document the Coaching)

Using scenarios, case studies and written exercises, this interactive workshop reviews the basics of why and how to coach employees for better performance and how to document what has been said and agreed to.

We build (or refresh) expertise in:

  • Positive, Specific, Timely Feedback for high performing employees

  • Fair, Specific, Timely Feedback for performance improvement

    • Six Coaching Steps – what they are and when to use them

    • Performance Improvement Plans – how to create, deliver, and follow up

Regular coaching is an effective tool for managers to deploy in their efforts to help employees succeed, and especially help employees increase their skills or get back on track if performance is lagging – this course will help supervisors effectively coach for higher performance. When coaching is done well and consistently, the rewards and benefits for your employees and your customers are endless.

Difficult Conversations:  The CANDID Method

As supervisors we have to talk through difficult subjects with people. Everyone is programmed to not like hearing them – and not like hearing it in different ways. To be effective, we must somehow remove the threat stimulus that causes people to resist these conversations, while still getting our message heard and acted on and preserving the relationship.

Based on the work of Richard S. Gallagher, a corporate trainer and public speaker who specializes in workplace culture and communication, this scenario-based training session introduces an approach that allows a supervisor to say exactly what he or she needs to say, in a way that helps motivate and influence the other person and provides a template to build strategic talking points for your next difficult conversation.

Respectful Workplace Workshop

Today’s workplace is a mix of co-workers who often differ in age, gender, education, language, and culture background, but there is one thing everyone has in common:  a desire for a respectful workplace. We hear the terms respect, inclusion, and diversity often, but what does respect look like, and how can we make it part of our daily work culture and behaviors?

Focusing on awareness and communication, this interactive workshop covers:

  • Unconscious bias – what it is and how to overcome it

  • Diversity and Inclusion – what it is and how to increase inclusion in the workplace

  • Hostile Work Environment Harassment – what it is and what to do if you encounter it

When employees respect each other, appreciate their differences, and recognize the value each person brings to the team, the organization will have a competitive advantage.


Personal Branding is how you package yourself and communicate your unique skills and the value you bring. In this fun and practical workshop, we help your team, especially those who might be new to the professional workforce, focus on the key aspects of aligning their personal brand with your company brand.

Like it or not, appearance, poise, and use of standard business etiquette are indications to others about the quality of your work.  Valuing your personal brand with regard to your professional presence is an indication that you respect yourself and you care about your work; studies have shown that those who know how to use their image as a business tool have an immediate advantage over their competitors with respect to bringing in new business and effectiveness on the job.

In this workshop we cover:

  • The right look for each situation: figure out how to dress to give the first impression that matches your brand.

  • Body language basics: send all the right signals by optimizing your body language.

  • Networking and Business Etiquette: develop strategies for effective networking at business events and how to interact professionally.

Strategically building a corporate brand and taking control of it will effectively position your employees as authorities and people of influence. A strong brand that is reflected in each representative of the company will open opportunities.

Client Communications:  Useful strategies for communicating internally & externally

Understanding your client’s needs and building trust are crucial to successful and productive business relationships. Our workshop is designed to develop effective core communication skills that build and retain strong, productive client relationships.


  • Develop client empathy, see the clients point of view and develop a client-centered approach to work.

  • Improve active listening and questioning skills to ensure connection and the ability to act on clients' needs.

  • Increase self-awareness as an active communicator and representative of the company.

At the end of the program we want you to be able to:

  • Optimize communication skills you already have.

  • Understand what clients REALLY want from you.

  • Develop effective strategies for working with peers to provide seamless service.

  • Communicate clearly and appropriately—and with greater confidence.

  • Know how to better expand your influence and be recognized for your skills.

More than a Gut Feeling:  Interview Training

More Than a Gut Feeling is an interviewing training program developed by Dr. Paul Green. It focuses on taking gut feelings, stereotypes and biases out of interviewing and using past behaviors to predict future behavior.  Using video and interactive exercises, participants will develop valuable job-related interviewing techniques that will build your best team while saving time and money.

The Art of giving and receiving feedback

Whether you’re receiving or giving feedback, flawed logic and limited information complicate the process. Advice givers and seekers must identify their blind spots, recognize when and how to ask for guidance, draw useful insights from the right people, and overcome an inevitable defensiveness about their own views. This course, full of useful “take a minute” exercises for the participants gives a solid foundation in the art of giving and receiving feedback. 

Care & Candor:  Effective Performance Appraisals

The winning combination of performance success is Candor and Caring. People look forward to insightful conversations when they know it is in their best interests. This bond allows individuals to become the best they can be.  Using video and interactive exercises, participants learn how to prepare for and participate in effective performance appraisals. 

Three Little Secrets from the One-Minute Manager

Using the classic text and video, the lessons from this timeless parable are reinforced and actualized:

  • One Minute Goals

  • One Minute Praisings

  • One Minute Reprimands

Understanding and REsolving Conflict

Conflict arises from differences. It occurs whenever people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, or desires. Sometimes these differences look trivial, but when a conflict triggers strong feelings the conflict can escalate.  This course helps participants recognize and define conflict types and provides successful strategies to remain composed and deal confidently with disagreements, confrontations, anxiety and anger—before they get out of hand..

Developing Top Talent through Empowerment:  5 Principles That Lead to Greater Productivity, Quality, Job Satisfaction, & Profits

Using video and interactive exercises, participants will list and learn eight principles, which cover values such as uncompromised truth and trust, as well as concepts like unselfish mentoring, openness to new ideas, risk taking, and putting the interests of others first. The principles are illustrated with stories and examples to help supervisors develop their own work environment in which people are treated with respect, trust and dignity, contribute more, and rise to their potential.

E-Mail: Write It Well

In today's fast-paced, competitive business environment, everyone needs to communicate clearly and use time productively. This training introduces E-Mail: A Write It Well Guide - a user-friendly book that is filled with guidelines, tips, and tools. Discover how to write professional e-mail that gets results, make better use of e-mail time, and avoid problems that can be costly.  

*Additional cost of $17/participant for books.

Time Management:  Getting Control of Your Life & Your Work

Overworked? Overwhelmed? You're not alone. All of us are looking for success and satisfaction, one way or another. But that's not so easy, with more and more demands for your time, both at work and at home. Especially if you're a manager. This training uses video and interactive exercises to share ways to help busy supervisors get that balance in life that everyone keeps talking about.

Meeting Makeover

Studies show that the average person spends about five hours a week in meetings. Using video and interactive exercises, participants get the step-by-step guidance they need to prepare and lead successful meetings in which participants stay engaged throughout and leave understanding action items. 

DISC Training: Use Your Strengths

DiSC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. DiSC is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioral differences. Participants will complete an on-line DISC assessment tool. DISC has long been viewed as a potent leadership tool. It builds on a model of the four major communication styles we all share to varying degrees.

Participants engage, have fun and share personal stories while learning that our behavior is based upon individual responses to specific environments in which we may feel more, or less, powerful. We’ll also provide opportunities to learn how to bridge differences, such as finding agreement on common language to assist overcoming them and using humor to share diversity.

*Additional cost of $40/participant for DISC profiles.

*Any additional cost for courses with outside materials is noted.